New features: Tiers, Workspaces, Sharing

Today we announce some cool new features added to Relinx. Let’s describe them a bit.


We’ve added two tiers (plans): PRO and VIP. All functionality available until now is still available in the Free tier. Some features like Workspaces and Sharing are available only to PRO/VIP members. Higher tiers also have higher storage/size limits. PRO/VIP plans are free for the moment. You can experiment with them without any charge.


PRO/VIP users can now have multiple workspaces to better organize their data. In the future, we’re planning to add sharing data between workspaces. Stay tuned.


Every workspace can be independently shared with other team members. Readonly or read/write access can be granted to a member. In the future, fine-tuned security rules will be added for VIP members.

What is next?

We’re working on REST API access to the app. At first, we wanted to make it a PRO feature. But because Relinx is free for individual use, they have should be able to use that feature too.

Meanwhile, upvote for upcoming features and feel free to drop us your thoughts at [email protected]

Happy Relinxing!

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