New Feature: CSV Import

Today we’re announcing a new feature: importing a CSV file to Relinx.

For this, we first select the “Import data” item from the menu next to our workspace.

Then select the CSV file containing data to be imported. Data is loaded and shown in the table. Check/uncheck the “Data has header” checkbox accordingly.

Import data from CSV file

Now we’re ready to define the mappings. We need to mandatorily select a column containing “Title”s of items and optionally a column containing “Note”s. If our file contains items of the same “Type” (e.g. Printers, Servers, etc), we map “Type” to an existing “Type” in the system. By the way, we can add a new “Type” from the autocomplete list without leaving the import page.

Columns not selected as “Title”, “Note” and “Type” can be imported as properties. For every column, we just need to select (or add) a corresponding “Property” or “Skip importing” this column altogether.

After mappings are defined click the “Import” button. A message should appear indicating successful import. If you experience any problems importing please contact support at If possible include the file too.

Warning: Currently imported items are not merged with existing items so you can import the data to a test workspace before final import to production.

Feel free to keep in touch and happy importing!

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