A bit of “History”

We have been busy adding a high-demanded feature to the Relinx these days: History of changes. No matter whether we are using Relinx as a CMDB (Configuration Management Database), IT Asset management tool or to keep track of Client requirements we need to know it’s history: who and when made changes to the data.

When we will soon add multi-user functionality to Relinx the importance of keeping the history of changes will even increase. Employees will be more responsible for the changes they made when they see that tracks are visible throughout the organization.

Keeping history is also a major requirement for international standards like ISO 9001, ITIL, or CMM (Capability Maturity Model).

Our way of keeping history is such that changes show up not only in the place of change but also in related entities too. For example, when you add a link between items A and B it will show up in the log of both items. And when you change that link from A to C it will be shown in the history of A as an Update Link, in history of B as a Delete Link and in history of C as an Insert Link. We also added the “History” menu to browse and search all history records.

Our next planned feature is adding data types to the Properties. We’re planning to do it Relinx way: simple, flexible but powerful 🙂

P.S. We also added a read-only demo account to taste the system without registering. Head to https://app.relinx.io/login and login with demo credentials written on the login page.

Happy Relinxing!

Published by Elnur

Founder of https://relinx.io

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